• American's Favorite Cosmetic Dermatologist Opens...

    Dr. Tess Mauricio, a world-renowned cosmetic dermatologist is now offering her services in Los Angeles County

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  • XEOMIN Now Available In Los Angeles

    Los Angeles board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens is one of the few in the country to have exclusive access to the new BOTOX alt...

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    Founder of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates and Marina Del Rey board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens and staff celebrated their...

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  • Lose Weight And Tighten Skin With Combination Therapy

    By combining Smartlipo and Thermage, Dr. Lawrence Osman can eliminate loose skin that may develop after liposuction.

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    Dr. Grant Stevens reflects on the success of the Laser Bra, his technique for breast reduction and breast lift. Fifteen years after he began...

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More Local Aesthetic News...
Laser Cap Device to Patients Looking for Laser Hair Restoration

Los Angeles Based Hair Transplant Center Hairlab is now offering laser cap devices, a simple and painless alternative to the traditional and well known hair restoration surgery for both men and women. The laser cap is said to have the advantages of simpler usage, affordable budget and above all provides a painless experience, to combat the problem of thinning hair.

Center of Excellence Devoted to Treating Women with Breast Cancer

Los Angeles based La Peer Health Systems has officially opened the Breast Surgery Center of Excellence. This new center will provide services focused on helping breast cancer patients through the journey of diagnosis, treatment and reconstruction, to restore their self-confidence and vigor for life.

Multi-specialty Medical and Surgery Centers Join Doctors On Liens

Doctors On Liens, a network of qualified medical professionals willing to work with lien cases, is excited to announce it's added two new surgery centers in North Orange County and a new association with a multidisciplinary pain management office, the Regional Pain Treatment Medical Center. The addition of these two surgical centers and the pain management center will help attorneys find a one stop medical group that is able to handle nearly any of their clients needs and make it easier to manage the liens.

Get the Best Value for Hair Transplant Surgery in Los Angeles

Dr. Ron Chao, cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon at HairLab, explains that clinics that charge a flat rate offer the best value. "Our goal is to help as many people as possible feel better about their hair and to help restore their confidence. Providing the best pricing for as many patients as we can is our way to reach this goal," explains Dr. Chao

New Microtia Treatments in LA

Carlo Honrado, MD, FACS, is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon at the Los Angeles Ear Surgery Center of Excellence. Dr. Honrado and his world-renowned team of plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists specialize in the treatment of microtia using the newest techniques available. "In our practice, we understand the sensitivity involved in treating this condition. Our mission is to help improve the lives of children with microtia, along with their families, through our new, cutting-edge surgical techniques," said Dr. Honrado.

New and Helpful Article to Deal With Too Much Facial Fillers

Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, a facial plastic surgeon and Chairman and Director of the Center for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery, has just posted a new blog to his website titled "What Do I Do if I've Had Too Much Fillers?" The article sheds light on the problem of getting too much facial filler, which can throw off the symmetry of a person's face.

Pro’s and Con’s of a gluten free diet

Appearing on Good Day LA, Sonu Ahluwalia, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon at La Peer Health Systems in Los Angeles, discussed the facts and myths about the gluten free diet. Dr. Ahluwalia explained the benefits of going gluten free for certain people. For people who suffer from Celiac disease, even a small amount of gluten can trigger the autoimmune reaction in the intestine, which leads to absorption problems and the development osteoporosis or vitamin deficiencies. "The myth is that there are people who go on these diets to lose weight," said Dr. Ahluwalia. But he explained that people may actually gain weight from being on a gluten free diet, since more processed foods and no whole grains are being consumed.

Sunscreen Questions Answered

According to a recent ABC News article, even though health conscious sun lovers have been using sunscreen for years, they are still frequently confused about which products provide the most safety from the sun's harmful rays. According to the article, some people buy the highest SPF possible. In reality, nothing higher than 50 SPF really offers much more protection. In fact, the FDA is currently pushing for a rule that would set highest SPF rating allowable at 50.

A New Wrinkle Preventing Pillow called JuveRest

According to a recent ABC News article, expression wrinkles are a well-known sign of aging. Considering that people spend a third of their lives with their faces pressed into a pillow, it stands to reason that pillows can cause the formation of sleep lines. JuveRest is a re-invented pillow design, constructed to allow a person the full range of sleep positions while reducing pillow contact to a minimum. The invention is simple, acting as a soft cradle that supports the head gently at the base of the chin and at the forehead.

Botox Can Banish Overactive Bladder

According to a recent Detroit Free Press article, those who suffer from overactive bladders generally experience urinary urgency numerous times every day making it difficult for some to enjoy activities that most people take for granted. However, a recent study has shown that Botox injections can relieve the symptoms of an overactive bladder. Botox helps bladder muscles to relax, thereby increasing one's capacity to store urine and decreasing the number of trips to the restroom. Early this year, the FDA approved Botox as treatment for overactive bladder symptoms such as urinating involuntarily.

Courteney Cox's Plastic Surgery Transformation

According to a recent article of Life & Style Magazine in which Beverly Hills celebrity dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian is asked to comment on the cosmetic procedures Ms. Cox is likely to have undergone in order to stave off the signs of aging. According to the article, the forty-nine year old Courteney Cox has publicly discussed several cosmetic procedures she'd undergone including lasers, ultrasound, Fraxel, and Botox. In the article Dr. Ourian expresses his belief that Ms. Cox has also likely had dermal filler injections to plump up her lips and to make her cheeks less hollow and gaunt.

Migraines – Is there a Surgical Solution?

According to a recent MedPage Today article research was initiated to determine how Botox injected into trigger sites for migraines may provide relief. The research focused on two aspects - temporary relief with Botox injections and a more permanent solution through superficial surgery. "It's interesting to see the split between the plastic surgeons and the headache specialists on this topic, more research needs to be done to determine the long-term effectiveness of surgery to treat migraine headaches," says Dr. Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills.

Shift in Attitudes Towards Plastic Surgery in the United States

According to a recent The Atlantic article millions of women and even plenty of men have sought augmentations, Botox,fillers, alterations, and more. A growing trend, is that the goal of many women is not necessarily to look younger, but to look refreshed and to more accurately reflect how they feel on the inside. Considering the technological advancements in aesthetic medicine available today, men and women alike are finding the confidence to admit what they dislike about themselves and the willingness to do something about it.

Botox an effective treatment for muscle spasticity

According to a recent Saturday Evening Post article, most people have a limited appreciation of Botox, thinking that it is nothing more than an anti-wrinkle injection. In reality, however, its use goes beyond the preservation of youthful looks; Botox is an FDA-approved muscle relaxant that can be particularly effective for stroke victims. Henry Winkler, of "Happy Days" fame, currently tours the country to spread information about using Botox to treat muscle spasticity.

Tips for Keeping Clear Skin This Summer

According to a recent Elle.com article, during the summers one can avoid skin issues such as acne breakouts by taking some precautionary skin care measures. Individuals who have oily skin and want to prevent acne breakouts during summer may regard using oil-based skin cleansers since their skin already produces too much oil. Chemical exfoliation methods contain beta hydroxy acids and can help one to remove dead skin and reveal new, clear skin in a non-inflammatory manner. To help fight body acne breakouts, one should use non-comedogenic sunscreens and change sweaty clothes regularly to avoid bacterial skin infections that can cause breakouts.

Guidelines for Properly Applying Sunscreen

According to a recent Glamour.com article, many sunscreen formulas include zinc oxide, that produce DNA damaging free radicals, applying an antioxidant serum can help neutralize the effects of free radicals. In fact, some sunscreens contain antioxidants and these may be a good choice. The second tip offered by the report states applying two ounces of sunscreen to ensure complete coverage and that there are no sunburn spots from incomplete application. The article's third tip is to resist the urge to towel off when getting out of the water as doing so may remove sunscreen and cause burns.

Snake Venom to Smooth Wrinkles

City Cosmetics just released City Syn, an anti-aging skin smoothing serum that hydrates and protects your skin by using an advanced blend of age-defying ingredients designed to mimic the effects of viper venom. City Syn has revolutionized the way we treat wrinkles through the use of SYN-AKE, a rare form of synthetic snake venom. By mimicking the reactions that cause muscles to move or contract, this serum effectively reduces the look of lines and wrinkles, providing the ultimate skincare experience, without the pain or risk.

Gold the Latest Anti-Aging Secret

According to a recent Harper's Bazaar article, gold seems to be gaining more ground in the realm cosmetics and anti-aging. According to the report, there is no solid evidence that gold can have any effect on one's skin at all. However, there are many firsthand accounts of how gold makes one's face feel and look after application. Products containing gold are particularly marketed toward women, including fine gold dust in creams and lotions.

Look Great in Your 40's

According to a recent article of Shape Magazine as skin ages it loses fat fast, exposing folds and deep creases. It is possible to get rid of unsightly deep creases and consequently look younger by injecting dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. According to the article, the structure of the skin breaks down with age, and the side effects of this break down is the loss of facial skin fat leading to the appearance of hollowed cheekbones. To fix this problem, one can use injectable dermal fillers, such as Perlane, that replace the lost skin volume and lift the skin. Other volumizers, such as Radiesse, can also help to restore lost cheekbone volume.

Basic Foods to Use As Skincare Products

A recent 2013 Marie Claire article suggests some common food items to provide health benefits for the skin. According to the article, Full-fat yogurt can be put on pimples to reduce redness, kill bacteria, and loosen pores. Second suggestion is that caffeinated coffee grounds may help with stubborn cellulite. Simply use caffeinated coffee grounds and pumpkin, which is rich in vitamin A, to vigorously scrub the problem areas. Finally, the report offers oatmeal as the perfect facial scrub for sensitive skin.